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Sony Nex-5 review

DPReview has published an extensive review of the recently announced Sony Nex-5. I was rather disappointed with their findings: high image quality but low usability, especially in PASM mode, my preferred mode of operation. So maybe Sony is already working hard on a revised user interface or at least some improvements for the more advanced user who demands quick access to diafragm, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Sony NEX-5

Several sites have published hands-on previews of the new to-be-released Sony NEX-5 camera. Engadget has a video preview from which I wrote down some of the remarks:

  • New 16mm and 18-55mm lenses are quiet and feel smooth
  • Good image and video quality
  • Irritating menu quirks
  • Audio thin, external microphone is recommended
  • 3D processing of panorama shots that can be viewed on Sany Bravia 3D TV’s (firmwarte update expeted in July)
  • Camera is fairly fast, bu inconsistent autofocus now and then
  • Creative styles: default setting renders inaccurate colors
  • Severe barrel and pincushion distortion with 18-55 lens
  • Magnesium body
  • No autofocus when using E-mount adapter
  • Flash not build-in but snap-on
  • 1080i HD video capability
  • Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) further refined from A550 DSLR

For more specs, please checkout Gizmodo and DPreview

Micro Fourthirds by Sony, Nikon, Canon?

By far, the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus PEN are the dominating the micro fourthirds market. They are way ahead the competition, simply because many of the major brands have not yet entered the micro fourthirds arena.

This morning I read an article about the upcoming SonyAlpha NEX on sonyalpharumors.com and wired.com. Still no announcements of Nikon or Canon entering the market. Wired calls them “EVIL” (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) cameras.  I would prefer an optical viewfinder, or at least a high-quality built-in electronic viewfinder, not an accessory that you put on top of the camera.

SonyAlpha NEX