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No updates?

No updates as you may have noticed. Since I own my new mobile phone (Nokia N8) I completely lost interest in compact camera’s and put my quest for the perfect compact camera on hold. Even though Panasonic did offically announce the GF2, I haven’t even read the full specs. Is the Nokia N8 that good as a camera? Absolutely not, but I found it’s good enough for casual snapshots and excellent for short HD video takes. So I keep my money in my pocket (if any!).

For 2011 I’m planning new shoots and I’m looking for a calendar widget or something that I can add to this site. Not that I will be shooting full time, I’m aiming at 2 shoots per month. More would be nice, but let’s see how things go.

Suicide Girls: Freydis

It’s almost a week ago since my shoot with Freydis for her new Suicide Girls set. We met in a hotel in Amsterdam and about an hour later we were done. I guess this is this the fastest shoot in my entire career. We produced about 200 images with about 40% keepers, so plenty of material for a set. I will publish a couple of sneak preview images here soon (I’m not at my PC at home right now, so I can’t include them into this post).