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One month to go until the Photokina in Cologne. All photo gear related sites have started speculating about what to expect from which vendors. We’ll see… Maybe Panasonic will announce the GF1 successor, maybe even sooner (rumors go that there is an important announcement by Panasonic next week). We’ll see… With the Canon S95 and Panasonic LX5 introduced lately, I’ll wait just a few more months before I decide whether or not I’ll but a supercompact to keep my DSLR’s company…

Panasonic m43 LX3 successor?

Not so long ago I wrote about the silence at the rumors front. Yesterday, 43rumors.com mentioned an upcoming camera by Panasonic, not the much anticipated GF2, but a fixed lens compact, slightly larger than the LX3, with a larger sensor and an optical viewfinder. Only rumors of course, all details still to be confirmed. Interesting detail is that the camera will probably be introduced in July, well before the Photokina in September.