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No updates?

No updates as you may have noticed. Since I own my new mobile phone (Nokia N8) I completely lost interest in compact camera’s and put my quest for the perfect compact camera on hold. Even though Panasonic did offically announce the GF2, I haven’t even read the full specs. Is the Nokia N8 that good as a camera? Absolutely not, but I found it’s good enough for casual snapshots and excellent for short HD video takes. So I keep my money in my pocket (if any!).

For 2011 I’m planning new shoots and I’m looking for a calendar widget or something that I can add to this site. Not that I will be shooting full time, I’m aiming at 2 shoots per month. More would be nice, but let’s see how things go.

Panasonic announces GF2

According to 43rumors.com, Panasonic will announce their new GF2 tomorrow, November 4. The site doesn’t mention lots of detail yet, except that the GF2 won’t have a rangefinder style viewfinder such as the Fuji X100 (which I totally love by the way). I must admit I’m not following the micro four thirds developments recently because I postponed my super compact buying decision until next year. I first want to explore the camera possibilities of my new Nokia N8 phone which I expect to receive today.


One month to go until the Photokina in Cologne. All photo gear related sites have started speculating about what to expect from which vendors. We’ll see… Maybe Panasonic will announce the GF1 successor, maybe even sooner (rumors go that there is an important announcement by Panasonic next week). We’ll see… With the Canon S95 and Panasonic LX5 introduced lately, I’ll wait just a few more months before I decide whether or not I’ll but a supercompact to keep my DSLR’s company…

Panasonic m43 LX3 successor?

Not so long ago I wrote about the silence at the rumors front. Yesterday, 43rumors.com mentioned an upcoming camera by Panasonic, not the much anticipated GF2, but a fixed lens compact, slightly larger than the LX3, with a larger sensor and an optical viewfinder. Only rumors of course, all details still to be confirmed. Interesting detail is that the camera will probably be introduced in July, well before the Photokina in September.

GF1 news

Panasonic has released new firmware for their GF1 camera (also for the G1 and GH1 by the way). The new firmware promises faster autofocus.
In the Netherlands I’ve noticed a price drop of € 50 for the GF1 with the 20mm/1.7 pancake lens. (€ 749 now, used to be € 799 until last week).

Still in the decision making process, I’ve also considered the new G2 camera but I think it’s too big for a compact. At least for what I’ve in mind. However I do appreciate the built-in viewfinder!

The video dilemma

As you may have read in previous posts, I’m looking for a compact camera with the capacility of shooting HD video. My current video camera does not support HD (it’s 7 years old), it is huge compared to modern standards and it’s video only (I don’t consider it’s 1.2MP photo function useful in any way).

So the purchase of a camera such as the Panasonic GF1 seemed an obvious choice. I’m totally satisfied with my Nikon D700 and not ‘in the market’ for a to be released successor that will definitely be capable of shooting HD video.

Two news recent news items made me think twice: Petapixel (and other sites) published an article about cine lenses for DSLR’s by Carl Zeiss, with interchangeable Canon and Nikon mounts.

House director Greg Yaitanes announced on Twitter that the final episode of the season was shot entirely on a Canon 5D mark II.

Recent video samples I’ve seen demonstrate what modern DSLR’s are capable of. So I’m in doubt now. Shall I join the crowds desperately looking forward to the D700s, D800, D900 or whatever the successor of the D700 will be named?