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Sony Nex-5 review

DPReview has published an extensive review of the recently announced Sony Nex-5. I was rather disappointed with their findings: high image quality but low usability, especially in PASM mode, my preferred mode of operation. So maybe Sony is already working hard on a revised user interface or at least some improvements for the more advanced user who demands quick access to diafragm, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Sony NEX-5

Several sites have published hands-on previews of the new to-be-released Sony NEX-5 camera. Engadget has a video preview from which I wrote down some of the remarks:

  • New 16mm and 18-55mm lenses are quiet and feel smooth
  • Good image and video quality
  • Irritating menu quirks
  • Audio thin, external microphone is recommended
  • 3D processing of panorama shots that can be viewed on Sany Bravia 3D TV’s (firmwarte update expeted in July)
  • Camera is fairly fast, bu inconsistent autofocus now and then
  • Creative styles: default setting renders inaccurate colors
  • Severe barrel and pincushion distortion with 18-55 lens
  • Magnesium body
  • No autofocus when using E-mount adapter
  • Flash not build-in but snap-on
  • 1080i HD video capability
  • Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) further refined from A550 DSLR

For more specs, please checkout Gizmodo and DPreview