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Firmware 1.11 voor Fujifilm X100

Fuji heeft nieuwe firmware voor de X100 beschikbaar gesteld. In versie 1.11 zijn de volgende verbeteringen opgenomen:

1.Performance of auto focus at near distance has been improved.
2.When “SHADW TONE” is set to “MEDIUM SOFT” or “SOFT”, live view in LCD may display with abnormal pattern (so-called “solarisation”) just after pressing the shutter halfway. This update improves the phenomena.
3.When self-timer mode is selected, focus and exposure (AE/AF) are set just after pressing the shutter button and these settings are remained for the final shutter releasing.


Yes! Last Saturday I received my Fujifilm Finepix X100 camera. While charging the battery I downloaded the firmware update and browsed through the manual. A couple of hours later I was ready for my first series of test shots. I was impressed, both by image quality and handling of the camera. It took an hour of playing with the camera to become familiar with its menu and preferences for the viewfinder, auto ISO settings, autofocus and image quality. I’m looking forward to the first serious testdrive during my next trip!