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Panasonic announces GF2

According to 43rumors.com, Panasonic will announce their new GF2 tomorrow, November 4. The site doesn’t mention lots of detail yet, except that the GF2 won’t have a rangefinder style viewfinder such as the Fuji X100 (which I totally love by the way). I must admit I’m not following the micro four thirds developments recently because I postponed my super compact buying decision until next year. I first want to explore the camera possibilities of my new Nokia N8 phone which I expect to receive today.

Micro Fourthirds by Sony, Nikon, Canon?

By far, the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus PEN are the dominating the micro fourthirds market. They are way ahead the competition, simply because many of the major brands have not yet entered the micro fourthirds arena.

This morning I read an article about the upcoming SonyAlpha NEX on sonyalpharumors.com and wired.com. Still no announcements of Nikon or Canon entering the market. Wired calls them “EVIL” (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) cameras.  I would prefer an optical viewfinder, or at least a high-quality built-in electronic viewfinder, not an accessory that you put on top of the camera.

SonyAlpha NEX