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Adobe and nVidia develop plenoptic lens technology

From gizmodo.com: Plenoptic is a stunning new lenses technology. When you use it, you don’t need to care about having your subject in focus. You would be able to perfectly focus on any subject in your photography after you take the photo.

Invented by Adobe, Plenoptic consists on a very smart combination of special lens for your camera and software for your PC or Mac.

Adobe CS5 Launch

Yesterday I attended the launch presentation of Adobe Photoshop CS5 which I’ve been waiting for impatiently for the past couple of weeks. We’ve all seen the content aware fill sneak preview video but now there was more: enhanced lens correction, the refine edge tool, sophisticated HDR, natural distortion and a Bridge style file browser within the Photoshop application window. For those considering the upgrade: what’s the preferred package? Just Photoshop or the Design or Production package? With the video capabilities of modern camera’s, making my own movies with Premiere is very tempting (included in the Production package with Illustrator and Flash)!