Due to the flu I had to cancel both shoots this weekend. I hope I can re-plan on a short term basis (for now I can only think of sleeping and take a good rest). So for those who came to see the first results: be patient!

Upcoming shoots

I’ve scheduled two shoots for the upcoming weekend. Saturday I’m doing a shoot with a SG model for a new set and on Sunday I’m seeing a old friend for a full day of shooting. I’m thinking of creating a new book out of the results of one day so I need about 100 shots which are good enough and don’t look all the same (more or less).

My book has arrived

The Norway photo book that I ordered from was in my mail this Saturday, a couple of weeks sooner than I expected actually. It looks good and I’m quite happy with the picture quality. The colors are a bit less saturated than on my screen but I may start using to apply the color profiles that Blurb provides in their B3 program. to avoid any differences in the future.

Alternative photography